EUROPSO just launched its first podcast episode

Beyond the surface: Assessing the wellbeing of psoriatic patients

We’re excited to introduce our EUROPSO debut podcast episode titled “Beyond the Surface: Assessing the Wellbeing of Psoriatic Patients.” Dive into a 32-minute journey, supported by Almirall Pharma, as we explore the lives of individuals affected by psoriasis. Join host Jelena Misita and special guests for an insightful conversation.

In this newly released episode, we explore the core concerns of psoriatic patients and how their wellbeing is assessed. Our esteemed guests, Dr Alvaro Gonzalez Cantero, a dermatologist, and Antonio Manfredi, a patient and journalist, shed light on the true meaning of patient wellbeing for those living with psoriasis.

Tune in now to discover why Antonio emphasizes the importance of self-care and why Dr. Alvaro is hopeful about the available treatment options for psoriasis.

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