Report on European Psoriasis Week 2024

During this year’s European Psoriasis Week, EUROPSO, the European Federation of Psoriasis Associations, called attention to the pressing issue of healthcare disparities faced by individuals living with psoriasis across Europe.

EUROPSO member organizations from Greece, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Serbia actively participated in this campaign by communicating key messages, translating and disseminating EPW24 materials on their social media platforms, and organizing awareness-raising events in their respective countries. This collective effort significantly contributed to the success of European Psoriasis Week 2024 and highlighted the importance of unified action in addressing psoriasis healthcare disparities across Europe.

Psoriasis, a long-lasting condition characterized by patches of abnormal skin, not only affected physical well-being but also posed significant risks to overall health and life expectancy. Recent studies revealed that individuals with moderate to severe psoriasis had a life expectancy that was, on average, five years shorter than those without the condition. The heightened risk of cardiovascular disease among individuals with psoriasis contributed significantly to this disparity.

Despite the recognition of psoriasis as a risk factor for various comorbidities, including cardiovascular disease and mental health disorders, there remained a concerning lack of visibility of psoriasis within healthcare policies and decision-making processes. This invisibility translated into disparities in market access decisions for psoriasis therapies across Europe.

EUROPSO President Jan Koren emphasized, “Psoriasis needs to be on the radar of policymakers and healthcare leaders. We have to tackle the gaps in treatment and care for people living with psoriasis across Europe. As we work towards the EU Healthier Together Initiative’s goals—reducing early deaths from non-communicable diseases and boosting mental health and well-being—we can’t forget about psoriasis patients.”

Within this year’s campaign, EUROPSO called for collaborative efforts among policymakers, healthcare professionals, and patient advocacy groups to prioritize the needs of individuals living with psoriasis. By promoting equitable access to treatment, raising awareness of comorbidities associated with psoriasis, and advocating for policies that support comprehensive disease management, EUROPSO aimed to improve the quality of life for psoriasis patients across Europe.