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Booklet on EMA pre-submission and assessment processes

EMA has published a booklet describing the journey of medicine for human use authorized through EMA, from initial research to discussions on patient access to medicines across the EU. It can be found here.  The booklet describes in particular how EMA supports medicine development by providing scientific advice and how it assesses a medicine’s benefits and […]

Psoriatic arthritis symptom diary

A diary for people with psoriasis to share their symptoms and how they are feeling with their doctor during regular visits. PsA symptom checker patient diary_2018

Psoriasis dictionary

Sometimes it seems like doctors speak a different language. They don’t mean to. Medical terms are just complicated. There are lots of abbreviations and long, seemingly unpronounceable words. So we thought we’d help out. This guide helps you get to grips with all the terminology you need before your appointment. It can help you to […]

Celebrating 30 years

On the occasion of our 30 anniversary, from Europso, we decided to recognise the work of our members for the last years, arranging a gala dinner where some awards were shared with them.

The EUROPSO Psoriasis Patient Study

Psoriasis can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life, particularly if it is extensive, affects a visible or sensitive area, or is difficult to treat. To explore the impact of psoriasis on the quality of life of European patients and to learn about patients’ perceptions of current treatments, EUROPSO (European Federation of Psoriasis Patient Organisations) has conducted a large-scale postal survey of the members of nine European patient associations …

OpenLetter Value of Health Cooperation

EU Health Collaboration is crucial for Europe’s future Dear President Juncker, We, the undersigned organisations, repre senting EU health stakeholders, wish to express our grave concern about the future of health in European policies and programmes, in the light of your White Paper on the Future of Europe, and propose an urgent meeting with you […]