PsoProtect project

Dear EUROPSO members,

In these difficult times, I would like to thank you for all the actions you as an organization do for your patients.

EUROPSO is a partner organization on the PsoProtect project. The PsoProtect is the Psoriasis Patient Registry for Outcomes, Therapy, and Epidemiology of COVID-19 Infection.

Below you can read the words from the PsoProtect steering committee, whose members are dr. Satveer Mahil, Prof. Chris Griffiths, Prof. Jonathan Barker and Prof. Catherine Smith.

PsoProtect is an international registry for health care providers to report outcomes of COVID-19 in individuals with psoriasis

We are incredibly grateful for your important contribution to this international effort. Please report your cases of COVID-19 in psoriasis using the PsoProtect case report form, which collects de-identified data and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. You will be provided with a copy of your completed case report form upon submission.

The information you provide will rapidly inform clinicians when assessing risk and treating COVID-19 in patients with psoriasis and other immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. It will help improve our understanding of how factors such as immunomodulator therapies and comorbidities affect outcomes of COVID-19 in psoriasis.

We will provide regular, open access summaries of all reported cases in PsoProtect, for the benefit of the international psoriasis community.

Thank you,

Dr. Satveer Mahil, Prof. Chris Griffiths, Prof. Jonathan Barker and Prof. Catherine Smith

On behalf of the PsoProtect steering committee.

We please you if you can inform health care professionals about the PsoProtect project. The form must be completed by health care professionals caring for a patient with psoriasis and coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Thank you for your help.

Stay healthy, stay home and be here for your patients 🙂

All the best,
Jan Koren